テレビを見て驚いたブランディング Great branding when I watched TV


Good afternoon.


Today, I would like to talk about other industry, not dry cleaning business. Last Sunday 9th, Channel 6 broadcasted about a grocery store in Nagano, where is very very local town called “Himawari Ichiba”, translated “Sunflower Market”. Their strong point is to make very unique signage. Most of all visitors read with smile and buy their stuffs, very interesting store.


ちなみにこのYou Tubeは私が見ていたものではありませんが、とても似ています。是非ご覧になってください。

These signage are made by president of this store. His name is Mr. Nawa, and his insight about promotion is great! He is not only making signage by himself but also speaking with microphone to all visitors without any article. This is something special!! I think we dry cleaners should learn about it!! I was so curious and watched all.

This You Tube was not what I saw, but it was similar, please visit this site as follows.



  • 食べて間違いなく「おいしい!」と感じる食材
  • 那波社長がこれを「おいしいよ!」と言うのだから試してみようと感じること
  • ひまわり市場がそもそも出しているものは「おいしい!」と確信していること


If you see this video, you will understand the strong points, but basically what they have are great employees and foods with first quality. That’s why they are popular. Their special employees make great delis and they are really tasty!! By the way, don’t you feel their price pretty expensive? For example, there is fried cake of minced meat. They charge $4.00 per piece in Nagano Prefecture, this is normally very expensive!! But they sold out immediately. Why?

  1. This is absolutely “Tasty!!” if you eat.
  2. Nawa announced “Tasty!!” and visitors believed his statement and try.
  3. Most of all visitors originally trusted this grocery store with great quality.

These are the key factors to brand their store.


In our industry, how many dry cleaners can brand well like this grocery store? Unfortunately, not many… Cleaning business is basically local business, so their business model is great benchmark, and we must be famous in the area. To become famous, we must have the great quality, the people who make it, and eventually great promotion. If you cover everything, you will be successful. Actually, this store already taught us.


To send your value to customer is probably “Passion” not “How to do”… Even if you learn how to do and just do it, you won’t be good. In fact, I have opportunities to visit their locations, so I will definitely visit and see their operation.