ミシガン州のクリーニング店で学んだ事 I learned how to make more business in Michigan


Good afternoon.


I am coming to America. Yesterday. I went to Detroit, where is about 1 hour from Chicago by plane. The reason why I visited was to negotiate about new business to us. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose on the moment, but I hope to do in near future.


I reconfirmed the importance of marketing when I visited them. Actually, the thing is happening in your markets, which is that customers never know how we are cleaning professionally. But is it important for customers to know it? I don’t think so. But they always seek “Who will clean the garment very well?” This is their first priority and we must make more effort to let them think so.


Now, what kind of activity should we take to customers? President of the company I visited mentioned “We will know what to do naturally if we seek the image that customers feel our shop will clean their garments well” For example, please think about the image that “Sankosha is just making and supplying products” and “Sankosha is trying to contribute customers more business with their products and services” Which do you like? Of course, I like later image.


Basically, people tend to spend more money willingly to something good to them. But they never know the actual quality if they don’t use it. So, how do you let customers try our service? This is marketing, I think. But unfortunately, so many management people in dry cleaning business don’t invest their power including money to marketing. If they know and improve their marketing, they can make more business…, very sorry…


As long as I see cleaner’s operation, I don’t see any problem. Most of all cleaners are doing really good job!! But you should reconsider why customers never feel your value. In my last column, I introduced Japanese grocery store, and this is exactly same story. You design your company logo, and you do your products. It is basic process. Customers will imagine your quality higher because of your design to shop and products, finally you can show your quality to them. They can listen to your quality, otherwise they never get interested in your quality.


I learned that the profitable company always spend big power to marketing. Why don’t you reconsider about your marketing to increase your value? I hope you will find some idea. Of course, I will do, too!! (lol